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Relaxation is the key to a healthy life
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What is Massage?

Massage is an ancient form of healing through touch using a variety of techniques, it can go a long way to repairing our damaged postures.  Inactive lifestyles and sedentary occupations have created a society of people with cramped, stooped and neglected postures.

Not only does massage help to coax the spine and corresponding physiology back into position, it also makes us more aware of our bodies.  Relieved of muscle tension, the body feels lighter and can therefore be borne more naturally and with more poise.

Many of the benefits of massage come through the therapist/client contact.  Our hands are one of the most sensitive parts of our body, and we experience much of our sense of touch through our hands.

Benefits of massage

  • it can relieve stress, insomnia, tense muscles and back pain,

  • improve circulation and digestion,

  • tone the skin and help eliminate toxins,

  • regular massages can improve overall health, help prevent illness and enhance the quality of life,

  • massage is a good way to combat stress, which is the cause of many illnesses.


What happens during a treatment?



Initially you will be asked a few questions about your health, to enable me to determine your requirements.  This is followed by a massage that will suit your needs.  At the end of the treatment, we will discuss any further needs you may have.



The first treatment usually takes 1½ hours and follow up sessions last 1 hour.  Also, this is an opportunity for you to take time out for yourself and fully relax with no distractions.


The various strokes used in massage are carefully designed to achieve the complete relaxation:




  • of the body muscles,
  • increase both blood and lymphatic circulation,
  • help eliminate waste products that build up in our muscles as a result of normal metabolism.
Massages available
  • full body
  • back, shoulders and neck
  • baby massage
  • hot stone
  • aromatherapy
  • Indian head
  • Thai foot

You can have a full body massage which incorporates the body, shoulders, neck, front and back of the arms and legs, and collar bone area.  A full body massage also includes the stomach if you wish.  You can also just have a back, shoulder and neck massage.

Tel: 07958 719283
Email: hands-ontherapy@hotmail.com

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Relaxation is the key to a healthy life

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