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Relaxation is the key to a healthy life

The human face is like a book - it tells a story. Each wrinkle represents a chapter in your life and each blemish tells a story of misuse. Laughter lines tell the world that your life contains humour, while a drooping mouth says there is an underlying sadness or anger to your tale.

The skin that covers our body reacts to our emotions, so that people under stress often find their skin becoming dry and taut, and in severe emotional states, dehydrated. Hormonal changes produce spots and blemishes, as well as increased oiliness with dry patches. Climate also affects face and body skin. Hot weather can produce lumps and bumps as well as dryness and wrinkles, while moist damp air has a beneficial effect and gives the skin a dewy texture. Cigarette smoke can age a face by making it gray and wrinkled, and pollution has the same effect.

We used to be able to wash out faces in soft rainwater, but who wants to do that any more with acid rain destroying the beauty of the human face as surely as it destroys the beauty of the European forests?

Essential oils work cosmetically and as anti-aging agents in several ways. They stimulate skin cells into reproducing at a quicker rate, thus reducing the time lag between new skin growth and the elimination of old cells. They improve circulation which aids oxygenation and energizes the dermis by the rate nutrients are fed to it.


The skin becomes very dirty and oily during the day, due to the environmental pollutants – smoke, dust, greasy make-up etc. Using facial cleansers is an essential part of our basic skin-care routine. The cleansers leave the skin feeling clean, smooth and non-oily. They wash off make-up, dirt and oils, leaving the skin clean and tight. Nowadays there is a wide range of different cleansers for every skin type, from normal to sensitive. The main purpose of the facial cleanser is to gently clean your skin without irritating it.


Facial scrubs are used to ex-foliate the skin and unplug pores, and they leave the skin looking fresh and dewy as the dead layer of cells is sloughed off. They contain little ex-foliating pieces that when massaged across the skin help smooth the skin by physically lifting off dry, dead skin cells. They’ve been around for many, many years and while the formulas have changed a bit, they are still a necessity in your skin care routine.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The technique of lymphatic drainage massage helps to flush away impurities from the face.  It also stimulates the circulation and gives your skin a warm glow.  

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Wednesday 21st January 2015 

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Relaxation is the key to a healthy life


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