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Emotional Freedom

What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

Meridian therapies have a long history, but modern meridian therapies such as EFT came about in 1964 and they have been developing ever since.  There is agreement between all energy based meridian therapist that negative emotions develop as a result of a distressing event in our life.  Recalling an experience leads to negative emotions or feelings.  The process has been understood as follows:

Distressing memory / thought = Negative emotion / feeling

The link between them is a disruption in the body's energy merdians.  This is know as 'The Discovery Statement', it form the basis of EFT as a mechanism for treating unwanted negative emotions, feelings or beliefs.  So the source of negative emotions is a process:

Distressing memory / thought = Disruptio in the body's energy system = Negative emotion / feeling


The 'Discovery Statement' is - The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system.

For each hurt / problem we have, there can be offshoots from that, i.e. aspects / issues.  You can have a number of issues relating to one problem.  Once the smaller issues have been looked at, the the big problem might not be so big anymore.

To find all the issues to a problem, you need to think and use your emotions and memories to locate them, i.e. if you have a problem with spiders, the issus can be:

  • being afraid of spiders,
  • the way they move - quickly,
  • walking into spider webs,
  • ect.

To make sure that all the issues have been cleared, you need to work on each one separately.

What happens during a treatment session?

The therapist will have a consultation with the client and then find out what the main problem is and make a mind-map with the offshoot issues to the problem.  Whilst doing this the therapist will ask the client how they feel and score their feelings with the relevant issue.  Once this has been done, the therapist will get the client to think of a set-up statement and then go through a tapping session.  After each session, the therapist will check the score with the client on their feelings and the score should come down.

Each time a tapping session is completed and the score taken, it will show that the emotions are being released with regards to the particular issue.  If its a large issue, this may take a few sessions and homework may even be given to the client.



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Relaxation is the key to a heathly life

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