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What are Energy Therapies?

To understand that, you need to understand that everything in the world is made up of energy.  This has been proven by quantum physics - when the atom was split it was found to be made up of particles of energy that are constantly vibrating.  Our bodies are made up of energy that is vibrating quite slowly, because to us they appear quite solid.

All physical disorders start first in our energy system, beginning in the emotional or mental bodies, and ending on the physical level as symptoms of mental, emotional, or physical disease.  Anyone who works with energy finds that it is palpable.  Feeling around the energy system can disclose areas that feel thickened or stickly, areas where there seems to be little or no movement in the energy flow, areas where there seems to be a difference in temperature, and so.

When the energy field is out of balance to any marked degree, there are not only likely to be physical manifestations of disease but there will be emotional problems as well, and it is also likely that there will be resistance to healing.

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Relaxation is the key to a healthy life

HomeMassageFacialEnergy TherapiesThermal-AuricularNewsletter